Thursday, 15 April 2010

Matt's Story Pt 2 - The waiting game continues...

I don't think I've ever felt so low as I did this morning. Waking up in a foreign hospital, off my tits on drugs is an interesting concept that I've never had to deal with before! They kept me in here over-night and being the only non-Nepali on the CCU ward I'm convinced the rest of the patients, and nurses, and laughing and joking at me as well...unbelieveable!

It's funny how things change. About an hour after my 6am sponge bath (not as enjoyable as it may sound lads! Gen!) there was a massive commotion in the corridor. Several new nurses came into the ward and crowded round, I was fairly confused and thought I was maybe still dreaming, I could have sworn I could hear a Geordie accent as well! And then, wheeled in by the nurses like some sort of king, was Peter Swain...

Peter is a Sgt Maj in 7 RHA, he's been on Everest with a team of military guys and was casevac'd off 2 weeks ago with severe HACE, suffered some serious brain swelling and is now blind in his right eye. We spent a good few hours spinning Afghan dits, and putting the worlds to right, Pete took great pleasure introducing me to all his girlfriends...about 20 giggling junior nurses, I was in awe!!

With surgery Peter should be fine, but it made me feel lucky to be only dealing with what I am dealing with...and how things could have been so much worse.

It's surprising how much morale a big friendly-faced northerner can bring you first thing in the morning!!

I got released from the Hospital this afternoon with some anti-biotics and instructions to return for a check-up on Friday morning. As things stand I've got no real decisions to make until then. I feel fit and well and don't believe they would have released me if they had serious concerns, however, like I say, until I get the check-up results on Friday I'm in limbo.

I've not managed to get in touch with Pete either, I hope he's doing well on the hill. As I understand it, they trekked to 6000m yesterday, a big stepping stone to the North Col in a week! Hopefully, he'll actually write a blog for a change!!!


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  1. Hi Matt, sorry to read about your episode!! Sounds like you're well on the way to a full recovery. Like you say, best wait 'til Friday 'n get the results then decide what to do.

    Things do happen for a reason and you can't always see it at the time but they do and the mountain will be there long after all of us have shuffled off this mortal coil!!

    Take care of yourself, stay positive and best wishes from Newcastle, Tony Hodson
    PS Looking forward to reading Pete's blogs...