Friday, 16 April 2010

Let's get back on track...

It's been one hell of a week! On Monday all plans of standing on top of the World lay in tatters. As I was helicoptered away from Pete and the rest of the team I genuinely felt my dream of summiting Everest slipping through my fingers. I've endured some pretty dark times, both emotionally (soul-searching as I took the long, shameful Heli ride back to Kathmandu) and literally (there was a massive powercut while I was in the hospital - it was not fun!).

Today, I received some good news!

Medically I am now fully fit. Having seen the state I was in when I was initially air-lifted to hospital, the Doc was very reluctant to write me a "fit to climb" certificate, but with a little persuasion, another chest x-ray and ECG, I managed to persuade her that I am at least back to normal, and the chances of things going wrong on the hill again are no greater than they were when I first arrived. In her eyes I'm a lucky be honest I think it's all been a big fuss about nothing.

So now a whole new set of problems have arisen! Although I'm medically 'back to normal', am I really fit enough to get back there and do this? Even if I am, how the hell do I get back to Base Camp? Can I afford it? Will Pete be alright? Sometimes I worry he might put his boots on the wrong feet...

One thing is for sure...things are definitely on the up!


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