Monday, 5 April 2010

Kathmandu - This place is nuts!!!

So, we've finally arrived...
Kathmandu is an incredible city, filled with people and life. The roads are crazy, with a capital C! How we've not seen an accident yet I don't know...needless to say Pete's pretty much on his last life!!! The Hotel is far more luxorious than we need, but does get the occasional power cut...

We've spent the last day going through kit preps, meeting the rest of the team, learning about the oxygen systems we'll be using from the high camps and trying to take in as much of the Nepali culture as we can. Ate at the Doodle Rum bar last night which is a bit of a tradition for trekkers and climbers, and all are invited to leave a small message on the walls as in the above photo. Rumour has it Dave, Alex, Matt and Stu left a JTYAF one while they were here last year...we've not found it but we'll be back there no doubt!!

We leave for the Tibetan border tomorrow and begin our acclimatisation treks up to Base Camp. Will post more when we can!

Hope all is well back home!

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