Friday, 19 February 2010

The Countdown Begins...

We've been back in the UK for almost 3 weeks now, which means we have just 5 weeks left to physically prepare for the challenge ahead and just 5 weeks left to raise the money that these two charities deserve. So the main focus, aside from trying to regain some of the weight we both lost in the Andes (the Mendoza steaks went part way to helping this, but there’s no substitute for home cooked food!), has been on training and hitting the sponsorship campaign trail hard.

With that in mind I’ve just returned from giving a presentation on our challenge, to a Medical conference held in Villars, Switzerland. It was a fantastic opportunity to promote our expedition and raise funds for the cause. A massive thank you to John Oates for very kindly arranging this for me. It was an awesome trip and I was made to feel most welcome by all the delegates. My luck in air travel, however, ran out...but a 14 hour wait in Geneva airport due to delays did not take the shine off the trip.

With interviews with the media up and coming, keep you eyes peeled on the TV to hopefully see some familiar faces!! Now only 42 days before we depart, the pressure is on to raise awareness and gain as much support as possible...



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